My Batsh*t Crazy Love

I’m fairly certain most would say love is a tricky thing.

And in many ways it is.

I say love is the essence of Life.

Love is wanting to know a person so deeply that you spend years pursuing their friendship. Love is reaching into your child’s soul and saying “I see the pain I caused you, may I listen to it?” Love is telling your friends “I see your agony as you try to keep sh*t together. I give you permission to say all of it, none of it, somewhere in between, and I will not tell you that you need to do anything about it.” Love is trying to see how someone’s past is contributing to their current behavior. Love is saying “Wow. I have never thought about that before, and I’m not sure I agree, but for you I will try to understand.”

Love is seeing someone, acknowledging their humanity, and touching them with a piece of your soul. Love is the effort taken to notice the beautiful and to give space for the hard. Love is smiling at those who pass by. Love wanders. Love pauses. Love moves forward. Love changes and yet stays the same. Love demands that you love yourself before you are able to honestly love another.

This is how I define true love.

Raw. Difficult. And created to understand.

Don’t delude yourself that all of love’s purpose can be found in one person. Next to making a plan, that is the fastest way to make God laugh.

Trust me. I’ve heard it.


(The featured photo has been edited.)


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