Beautiful Things & Big Swings

Ha. I get to say it first.


Cause on this side of the world, it’s your birthday.

The world is better for the forty-one years you have spent on it. Truly. Every day I walk by memories of our time together in this beautiful beautiful place. Every day I smile because of the things I am able to do as a result of your teaching. Every day I get to think “Man I’m lucky that my mom helped me out with that.”

You say this time will be spent showing me where you went wrong. I say this time will be spent showing me how I can now follow my right. Because if you f*cked this up, than you did it the best way I can think of.

There are lots of favorites that you fit into or gave me in my world. My favorite touch is a healer’s hands. My favorite moment is whichever one makes me happy. My favorite thing is people. My favorite phrase is “beautiful things.” My favorite life philosophy is live in the moment. My favorite action is traveling. And you are my favorite.

I love you alllllll the way to the moon and back. And that’s very far. Even farther than I am physically from you right now so I think we will be okay. In all our wild differences and all our silly triggers, I’m not really going anywhere and I love listening to you. Have a day as inspiring and soul expanding as you are, because that’s what you do for everyone else.

Happy Birthday, Emie


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