Racing Clouds

Life gets better. I am a firm believer in this.

Two days ago I curled up on a bathroom floor in tears, still believing in that mantra, but wishing it would come sooner.

Sooner has started.

This morning I attended a “working bee” down the road with the wonderful people who have allowed me to participate with their small planting group. Friends of Owhiro Stream take care of the little stream along this road and happily allow me to assist as they weed blackberry, plant new trees, and settle into a morning tea after each session of work.

From there I hurried on my way to meet a friend I met just before my flight into Wellington that got turned around. She has blue hair like me and had just happened to be on every single one of my flights from Los Angeles to Wellington.

At the end of my difficult day on Thursday, she had contacted me and asked if I wanted to go on a hike with her to the top of Mt. Kaukau, a beautiful hill with stunning views. You are able to gaze out across Wellington region which is more green than building in most places. The bay sparkles blue and the clouds race across the sky as if they have some place to be. And yet they don’t. They are literally going where the wind takes them. You’d think humanity would learn or thing or two.

My favorite part of the hike though was the conversation. Prior to coming to New Zealand, I was thinking through the type of people I wanted to be friends with. One of my big ones was I want(ed) to know someone with a solid understanding of what racism, sexism, ableism, LGBTI+ issues, politics, environmental issues, and other such matters are in New Zealand.

My blue haired friend meets that manifestation. On a separate but equally interesting note, I have also met a Canadian.

Anyway, my kiwi friend lives her life unconventionally and with an enthusiasm that is infectious. Hopping from couch to couch the world over, she has a plethora of experiences to share and knowledge to match. We were able to cover many of the above topics, as well as what it’s like to be a young person in today’s economy and culture, our thoughts on interacting with kids, and, my personal favorite, how to create relationships with people that are unconventional and healthy.

My relationships are frequently of the out-of-the-box kind. (When I say relationship, I mean relationship with people in general.) My best friend and I are frequently mistaken for a couple. Another best friend often looks like my significant other. I have friends decades older than me who are just as dear as the ones multiple years younger. I have friends of multiple genders and belief systems. I have friendships that are difficult to understand in one word. I refuse to let my interactions with people be defined by an expectation of convenient labels.

As a result, I am able to see relationships start to develop in a way that simply encourages connection. Not ulterior motives or some expectation for what it means to be in interaction with another person, but connection.

My walk with a librarian friend this evening was another manifestation of this. We are seeking those who somehow understand what we are living for. I am living for a deeper understanding of Life. It’s creating some very interesting opportunities.

May you find those who are seeking a life similar to yours and those who call you to something greater.

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From Mt. Kaukau

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