First impressions are odd things. They come accompanied by judgments, usually lots of them. Writing is the one place where you get to choose what they are going to judge first. It’s a big choice. Do I tell you about my classy side? Mixing in Shakespeare quotes as I genteelly discuss the world and its relations to the classics I have read.  Do I share my social justice fire? I could talk for pages on the effects of rape culture, the patriarchy, the mistreatment of minorities, LGBT rights, fat shaming, and the effects of white supremacy on all of this. Do I tell you about my philosophical musings? My desire to understand the world better? Do I tell you of my adventures, the trees I’ve climbed, the places I’ve been, the people I’ve met? Do I share my geeky side that loves The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars? Do I discuss my punk interests and the fact that I like rap, bow ties, short, bright-colored hair, and standing in an imposing stance? How about the part of me that gets really excited when they see pretty birds, the mountains, butterflies, interesting people, and libraries? I have an awful lot I could say about myself and although I don’t often share it verbally, I have learned to share it better through writing. That seems to be the only way people can come close to seeing all these parts of me that somehow got stuck in the same soul.

My hopes are that this blog will give you insight not only into who I am, but also the experiences I am seeking and the experiences that seek me.

May you find validation in your own story.