Worth a Thousand Words*


I walked over 20 kilometers today. For those of you as tired as I am, that is two 10k walks. For those of you who are American that is over 13 miles.

But man, was it worth it.

This is one of the few times where I am going to let the photos speak more than the words, but I joined the Wellington Quaker Walking Group as they tramped up to the top of one of the surrounding hills. I continue to stand by my claim that Wellington is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Quaker Walking Group
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Petone Beach
Well above the aforementioned beach. (Unedited)
Another reason why I stand by my claim
The best roads are the ones you cannot see the end of. (Unfiltered)
My favorite fern
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This bloom is in the orchid family. I absolutely love it. It reminds me of a delicate bird. And my little girl heart is validated by the fact that there is actually a green flower.
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Maori carving has joined my list of favorite art forms
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Blue skies, blue roof, blue wall, blue gate.
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Perhaps my favorite photo of the day. She’s beautiful, isn’t she?

Welcome Friend

It’s a beautiful little space. Not out in the country like the one I have spent all my time in previously, but one that is cared for, full of light, and traditional in a way that feels familiar.

I walked into a room with straight backed chairs arranged in a semi circle of two rows. The little table in the middle had a guest book, two small vases of flowers, and some pamphlets that looked as though they held the thoughts of people who cared. I was instantly aware of the eyes that were assessing me as I entered. Not out of judgement. Most don’t do that in this circle. They were gazes of curiosity. Visitors aren’t terribly common, especially rather young ones with blue hair.

I found an easily available seat, closed my eyes, and took a deep breath. I’m home.

I have said it before and I will never hesitate to say it again: the Quakers are some of the most badass, incredible people you will ever meet. They call themselves Friends and are honestly the most apt community to do so. Quaker acceptance, generosity, and desire to change the world radiates through words and smiles, but most importantly it is shown in their actions. The Friends work to change the world, and their efforts are visible.

I had one of the most wonderful mornings with the Wellington Friends. A warm thank you to your meeting for showing me the kindness that would be shown to you at the Visalia Meeting. I am grateful for my new community.

You are all being held in the Light.